Utilizing UAS and LIDAR Data by Eric Evans

Eric Evans with HOLMANS USA will be offering a technical educational presentation on the latest in survey and mapping equipment. Utilizing sample projects, he will demonstrate the use and integration of UAS data and point clouds from LIDAR. The presentation will focus on collection, visualization, and producing real world deliverables from the data.

Vectors/Trimble by Bob Green

The session will be split into 2 one hour sessions. Capitalizing on Integrated Surveying Techniques and an Introduction to the Trimble SX 10 Total Station Scanner.

Maser Consulting/Lidar by Jacobo Pacheco & Clay Wygant

Maser Consulting P.A. is a multi-discipline engineering and design firm with a unique balance of public and private experience and a network of offices nationwide. Established in 1984 by Chairman/CEO, Richard M. Maser, the firm has grown through solid strategic planning, the development of a strong team of responsive professionals, leading-edge technology, and diversification of services.

Maser Consulting has 21 offices nationwide including a local office in Albuquerque and employs over 600 professionals that include licensed engineers, planners, surveyors, landscape architects and environmental scientists. Reinforced by over 30 years of experience, our dedicated specialists pride themselves in combining a diverse set of comprehensive services with advanced technology to facilitate innovations and strategies in meeting our clients’ challenges.

Mobile Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a proven remote sensing technology, consisting of single or multiple laser scanners and high-resolution digital cameras. The scanning and imaging sensors are combined with specialized geo-positioning equipment mounted on a vehicle. The integration of these sensors and positioning instruments produces highly accurate 3D spatial models. Once collected, this data is processed and analyzed by our office professionals to suit a wide range of applications in a fraction of the time required by more conventional means. Mobile LiDAR saves time and cost, while also increasing operator safety. Mobile LiDAR’s high-capacity scanning assigns a point value to everything it detects, enabling our technicians to capture large volumes of geospatial data, which can be processed into local coordinate systems, have terrain features extracted, or the data can be stored for future use, saving costly return visits to the site for re-scanning. Our specialists employ prudent quality control procedures that ensure reliable deliverables while expediting data turnaround time.

When mounted to a vehicle, our mobile LiDAR system is capable of capturing continuous design grade mapping data. Mobile LiDAR provides fast, accurate and efficient data collection at highway and track speeds while maintaining positional accuracies. Complex project types, including highway, rail, transit and other corridors, can all be scanned to capture high levels of detail for accurate documentation. The system accuracy and point density can be adjusted to accommodate the project type.

Field to Finish with Carlson by Jim Reinbold

Most surveying software today has some form of Field to Finish. The goal of this class is to advise users of what the capabilities are today, sort through some of the obstacles that can prevent successful use of Field to Finish and encourage everyone to explore the possibilities within the software they have. He will be presenting the concepts using Carlson Software. All should find this an opportunity to see how Field to Finish can be done and apply it in their own software on their own projects.