The NMPS is active in supporting the Surveying education programs in the State of New Mexico.

Currently we are involved raising awareness of surveying as a profession in the state and supporting the Geomatics/Surveying Engineering program at NMSU.

For a tax deductible donation to donate to the NMSU Geomatics/Surveying Engineering program here are two PDF’s one for an individual and one for a business.

If you are a student or need information about scholarships offered by NMPS Foundation please click Scholarship_Application other information can be found here.

To know more about the Educational Foundation click here.

If you would like to donate to the Foundation please click the image below:


6 thoughts on “Education and Scholarship information

  1. Greetings Gary:

    May I ask for a copy of the 2018 Surveyors convention courses…..
    I seemed to have mis-placed my copy.

  2. I have a question…my dad, who is deceased, worked his entire life as a surveyor and I would like to know if the organization gives scholarships to young men and women who want to attend your classes? Do you fund raise? Or take donations?
    Thank you,
    Beverly Duran

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