Santa Fe and surrounding area

2023 Chapter Officers

President: Jeff Ludwig

  • Vice President – Jeff Ludwig
  • Secretary – Jeff Ludwig
  • Treasurer – Jeff Ludwig
Meeting Time: Third Wednesday of every month (6:00pm)

6 thoughts on “North Central Chapter

  1. I need some advice on how to find a 1982 survey done by Ronald Tyree for land in Jemez mountains. I have spent hours with Sandoval County searching, but we cannot find the survey. Any advice you might have would be appreciated.

  2. Good Morning. I am a PLS in the State of Delaware and I am interested in finding the deed of ownership for a parcel located in Mora County.
    I have no address but do have a tax property number and section and township information.
    Any assistance is appreciated.

    1. Dear Kenneth,
      I was just browsing the NMPS website and saw your request. I’m probably a little late, or at least I hope I am, but, if not, the county seat is in Mora, NM, and a call to them can get you the information you need. If your not successful, contact me.
      Allen Grace PS

  3. I am looking for a 1983 survey done by Ronald Tyree in the San Pedro Mountains. Santa Fe County has no record of it. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

  4. I am a PS in Ohio. My company would like for me to get a NM License. What resources do you recommend to
    me as I prepare for the 2 hr. State Specific exam?
    Thank you

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