NMPS continues to be at the forefront in the analysis of issues that affect your business on a daily basis, developing positions and recommendations that protect the surveying profession from detrimental activities. Your membership fee is an investment in your business and your future as a professional surveyor.
If you are not currently a member of New Mexico Professional Surveyors perhaps it is because you don’t think there is a compelling reason to join the organization. I would like to give you five reasons why you should.

Five top reasons to join NMPS

  1. Benchmarks– the award-winning periodical of NMPS. 6 times a year, Benchmarks arrives in your mailbox. Each issue brings you up to date with issues affecting you, your business, and your profession.
  2. Representation at the Board of Licensure- NMPS brings its collective voice to board meetings, advocating for surveyors at this important venue.
  3. A voice at the legislature- the NMPS lobbyist monitors the happenings at the
    Roundhouse and makes you and your legislators aware of the impact legislation has on the way you do business and your ability to perform your professional obligations.
  4. An advocate on your behalf with local regulatory government- through position
    papers, interpretation of laws and ordinances, and help with problems.
  5. Annual convention and other educational opportunities- timely and informative
    seminars with topics that relate to your actual situation, providing opportunities to acquire professional development hours necessary to maintain licensure.

These are but five reasons, there are more. To discover all that you’re missing by not supporting NMPS through your membership, join now! Our strength is in numbers. Never before has our profession come under such extreme pressure from so many directions. Your fellow surveyors need you to add your voice to theirs.
For more information about membership categories please see the membership renewal/application click on the membership page.

Thank you for your support!
The members of NMPS

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. NMSU Survey Engineering is a critically important discipline not just for commercial applications (which includes mining and oil companies) but also for Federal Government, especially in support of defense and intelligence. Here are some government organizations that need survey engineering majors:
    National Geodetic Survey: http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/datasheets/
    U.S. Geological Survey: https://www.usgs.gov/products/maps/map-topics/overview
    National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency: http://earth-info.nga.mil/GandG/

  2. I’m recently licensed in New Mexico and would like to join your organization. I don’t see application anywhere on website to join.

  3. We are in need of surveyors in the Las Vegas, Mora area. Could you provide me a list please.

    Nancy M. Thompson

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