David Acosta is a Professional Surveyor Licensed in the State of New Mexico and has over 18 years of experience with many aspects of surveying including Boundary & Subdivision Surveys, ALTA/NSPS Surveys and Topographic Surveys.  David is currently a member and Past President of the New Mexico Professional Surveyors and is also a member of the National Society of Professional Surveyors.  David also serves as a Professional Advisor with the New Mexico State University Geomatics Department.  In his spare time David enjoys photography, music and spending time with this family.

          Kery Greiner has been surveying for 41 years and has been licensed in New Mexico for 33 years.  He is also licensed in Texas and Arizona.  He attended Albuquerque Technical-Vocational Institute in 1978 and 1979 and obtained a diploma in the Land Surveying Program.  He has been in private practice in Las Cruces since 1986.  He is currently the Treasurer of New Mexico Professional Surveyors and was the 1999 President.  He is a part time Adjunct Professor at New Mexico State University and besides teaching is very active in the outreach and recruitment of new students.

          Kristopher M. Kline, president of 2Point, Inc., has a four-year Bachelor of Science degree (class of ’84) in General Science from Bridgewater College (Bridgewater, Virginia.) Kris has been involved in the surveying profession since graduation.

          He became licensed in North Carolina in1991 (P.L.S. L – 3374), and is a 1999 graduate of the North Carolina Society of Surveyors (NCSS) Institute. Kris served for 3 years as Chairman of the NCSS Education Committee. His present business focuses primarily on boundary and easement disputes.

          In 2003, Kris began offering continuing education courses in North Carolina on legal aspects of retracement. Since 2010, his teaching career has expanded to include conferences and seminars nationwide. Kris has presented several keynote addresses for state conventions. In 2020, Kris and his wife, Robyn, assumed administration of Surveyors Educational Seminars, a continuing education program originally developed by Dr. Ben Buckner, and later operated by Donald A. Wilson and his wife Christine.

          In 2011, he began publishing the column “Unmistakable Marks” in Point of Beginning magazine, a national trade journal for surveying professionals. For 10 years, Kris submitted articles for the magazine, and he published more than 60 through 2020. These articles were intended for a national audience and generally focused on various legal aspects of boundary retracement. Kris now publishes on his blog at www.2point.net.

          In August 2013, Kris published his first book, “Rooted in Stone: the Development of Adverse Possession in 20 Eastern States and the District of Columbia.” This text considers adverse possession and prescriptive easements from their early origins to the present day. Separate chapters are dedicated to variations between jurisdictions in the eastern United States.

          His second book, “Riparian Boundaries and Rights of Navigation,” includes extensive discussion of the many definitions of the term “navigable.” This short volume was completed in 2015 and focuses on property rights along smaller rivers, streams, lakes and estuaries. It considers the inevitable confusion that results when modern definitions are applied to early grants and the effects of subsequent legislation on riparian rights.

          Kris’ third book was released in December 2016. “How to Fix a Boundary Line” chronicles variations in the legal mechanisms related to unwritten property rights across the United States. Topics include acquiescence, part performance of oral contracts, adverse possession, estoppel and the doctrine of merger.

          His latest (2019) release, “Prescriptive Easements & Related Principles” focuses primarily on elements of prescriptive easement law and the effects of adverse use on existing easements. Private vs. public prescriptive ways, statutory vs. common law requirements, and standards for abandonment are included.

          His current book project, due out in 2023, is an in-depth study of riparian and littoral boundary issues, focusing on inland streams, rivers and lakes.

          Chris J. Pappas, L.S., is a licensed land surveyor in the States of Virginia, and New Mexico.  He is presently owner of Green Forest Surveys LLC in Fairfield, Virginia.   He holds a B.S. degree in Surveying from New Mexico State University and has been in the surveying business since 1992.  Mr. Pappas is a member of the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) THE New Mexico Professional Surveyors (NMPS) and of the Virginia Association of Surveyors (VAS).  He is also past president of the New Mexico Professional Surveyors.

Over his long career he has worked on numerous boundary and engineering projects providing topographic data, boundary data and high order deformation surveys.  His previous career, before taking over at Green Forest Surveys, was managing the several survey crews for the New Mexico Department of Transportation covering the entire state.  He has been using GPS and GNSS from various manufacturers since the 90’s. including Trimble, Topcon, Ashtec, Leica Carlson and JAVAD.

          Brian Portwood is a professional land surveyor and historian of land rights law, providing advisory, consulting and educational services to the land rights community, and fostering efforts to fully understand and properly resolve all land rights issues that involve a locational component, through interdisciplinary professional collaboration. He was born and raised near Chicago Illinois, graduated from Lamson Business College in Scottsdale Arizona in 1983, and began his ongoing career in the land surveying industry at that time. Over the ensuing 22 years he worked in the private sector in many different states from coast to coast on projects of virtually every kind. Since 2005, he has been employed as a professional land surveyor by the Bonneville Power Administration, which is a branch of the US Department of Energy, and has been engaged in hundreds of federal land rights acquisitions. He has been nationally recognized as a leading expert on the federal Quiet Title Act, and has authored numerous materials supporting the continuing education of professional land surveyors, including the Land Surveyor’s Guide to the Supreme Court series of books, along with many essays on various aspects of federal land rights.

          Glen Thurow has been licensed since 1991 and is currently the owner of Land Links Consulting Service, a surveying and geospatial development firm in Albuquerque, NM. Prior to his current position he was vice-president for Geographic Coordinate Data Base development at Premier Geospatial, Inc. and oversaw projects in the development of the Cadastral National Spatial Data Infrastructure. Glen has also taught surveying and Geographic Information Systems courses at the Central New Mexico Community College and is a former chair of the Surveying Engineering Industrial Advisory Committee to the surveying program at New Mexico State University. He is a past-president of the New Mexico Professional Surveyors and was honored as the NM Surveyor of the Year in 2003. He served as the state lobbyist for NMPS from 2000 to 2006. Mr. Thurow was also the NSPS governor for New Mexico from 2009 to 2014. He was one of the founding directors of the New Mexico Professional Surveyors Educational Foundation and was appointed to the New Mexico Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors in 2013. Glen currently serves on the NCEES Education Committee and is a past member of the NCEES Law Enforcement Committee. He is also developing online training materials for the NSPS Certified Survey Technician program.