Albuquerque and Central New Mexico

2023 Chapter Officers

President: Ramon Dominguez

  • Vice President – Jayson Natera
  • Secretary – Corina Chavez
  • Treasurer – Thomas Johnston
Meeting Time: Second Wednesday of every month (6:00pm)

6 thoughts on “Middle Rio Grande Chapter

  1. Is there a New Mexico State Governing Board for Land Surveyor’s? And if so may I have their website, location and telephone number? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I am a PS in Ohio. My company would like for me to get a NM License. What resources do you recommend to
    me as I prepare for the 2 hr. State Specific exam?
    Thank you

  3. Is possible for Ramon Dominguez to call me, I emailed him today and he answered my email but it back to my server “this email has no content “. I’ve been having trouble receiving some emails, his was one that I couldn’t open. Jerry Martinez 505-861-9230

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