2 thoughts on “Board Members and NMPS Affiliates

  1. Fred Roeder wrote an article in Dec. 2006 issue of The American Surveyor. The article was entitled “A Rocky Mountain High.” In it, he referred to work done by my husband’s grandfather, Arthur D Kidder.

    I am wanting to have an artist create a mixed media piece with a plat map of Arthur D Kidder’s correction of Clark’s 1859 survey.

    Do you have contact info for Fred Roeder from whom I might obtain the document(s) he obtained?

    Thank you so much.


    1. Hello Judy,

      I know your post is nearly 4 years ago but can you please contact me as soon as possible about Arthur Dale Kidder.

      Thank you,

      Mickey Shackelford, PLS
      mcshack AT gmail DOT com

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